Are you wanting to give notice to vacate your rental property?

You must give notice in writing of your intent to vacate your rental property.
For NSW & QLD you must give at least 14 days’ notice.
For SA, if you are in a fixed term lease the notice is no less then 28 days and if you are in a periodic leasing arranging it is no less then 21 days.
Please click on the Notice to Vacate Forms link below, complete and sign the notice to vacate form and email to vaultteam@vaultpm.com.au

Notice to Vacate Form

End of tenancy information

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract and depending on the state you are renting in written notice to vacate must be given.

Notice to vacate must be given in writing and include…

  • your signature
  • day the tenancy agreement is terminating
  • address of the rental property

Penalties can apply for ending a lease prior to the agreed term.

The termination date does not need to coincide with your rent payment cycle.

Tenants are responsible for leaving the property in a clean and tidy manner, similar to when they originally moved in.  The property’s original condition will be set out in the (incoming) ingoing condition report.

A final inspection will be done and a complete set of keys will need to be returned.

Council rubbish bins must stay with the property.

Tenants are responsible for negligent and intentional damage to the property.

You must continue to pay rent until the day your tenancy agreement is terminated.

Provided there are no outstanding claims against your tenancy, your bond will be refunded.

Some reasons bond claims can be made against you…

  • if you have unpaid rent or utility charges
  • if additional cleaning is required to the property
  • for repairs to damage that is beyond normal wear and tear
  • for the cost of changing locks or replacing entering devices if you do not return keys/devices that were originally given to you

Tenants are responsible for removing all goods and belongings when vacating the property.