Switch Agents Letter Template


Want to switch your investment property to Vault Property Management?

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Or you can contact your current managing agent yourself.

Just use the letter template below and send through a copy – don’t forget to CC Vault Property Management at  vaultteam@vaultpm.com.au




Name of current managing agent Address of office

Attention: (add property managers or principal’s full name)

Dear (add name)

RE: Add Investment Property Address here

Kindly acknowledge this letter as my ## (add number of days notice required as per your current management agreement) days notice of a transfer of management concerning the above-mentioned property to Vault Property Management.

Please ensure that all the pertinent documentation listed in the accompanying checklist will be available for prompt collection on the last working day of this notification.

A Vault Property Management representative will get in touch with you to arrange that all documentation be forwarded no later than the mandatory notice period.

Thank you for all the services and assistance you have provided me in the management of my property and I extend my best wishes to you.

Respectfully yours,

(Add Your Name’s here)

(signed by all owners of the property or authorised rep)

When sending this letter by email please CC: Vault Property Management via the following email address: vaultteam@vaultpm.com.au