What to Expect from your Property Manager


Services to expect from your property manager

Vault Property Management are your property manager that services Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Illawarra and Shoalhaven with staff on the ground in those areas.
Property is a big investment and it is important to find the right property manager with local knowledge, who can assist in maximising your results.
You receive personalised service, with one point of contact but you also have the support of our experienced team and latest technology to achieve a successful outcome.


These are the services you will get from your property manager…

One point of contact

You only need to speak with one of our friendly team for all your properties and rental services. Of course, the rest of our team are always available to support you if needed.

Rental appraisal

Your property will be inspected and a detailed evaluation of comparable rentals will be provided, giving you an accurate rental price. You will also be provided with recommendations on improvements or suggestions to help you achieve higher rental returns. These may include upgrading security or being a pet friendly rental.

Property marketing

Your property will be marketed as extensively as possible via different communication channels and resources such as rental listing websites, tenant databases, social media platforms and the like.

Professional photos are taken if needed and the property is listed into the database and cross referenced with prospective tenants and then uploaded to the above websites for marketing.

Open homes

If your property is about to be vacated, an open home or viewing may be scheduled so that prospective tenants can view the property for a specified advertised period. Notification will be given to the tenant according to state legislation

Open homes and viewings can be scheduled any day other than Sundays or holidays, and anytime between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm, unless agreed to by the tenant.

Tenant selection

Tenant applications will go through meticulous checkups using the TICA database, a tenancy database that documents tenants who have past rental delinquencies. Prospective tenants will be asked to provide pay slips, references including past landlords, bank statements for review of affordability, and existing and up-to-date ID.

Condition report

You will be given a comprehensive report regarding the condition of the premises, complete with ingoing photos once the tenancy agreement is signed by the tenant.

Arrears process

Rent monies will be collected electronically, follow-ups on late or unpaid rent will be conducted, and penalties for late and non-payment of rent will be enforced.

Rental increases will be openly conveyed to both owners and tenants.

Financial accounts

You will be given complete and accurate accounting records and services on all your properties under our management. This includes comprehensive documentation of all incoming and outgoing monies, and appropriate tax documentation for the end of the financial year. Just log in to your portal and everything is at your fingertips.

Wherever and whenever required, payments may also be made on the property owner’s behalf, plus, consultations on how to maximise tax returns using depreciation schedules are also provided.

Regular inspections

Your investment property will be inspected every 3 months. Appropriate photos will accompany each inspection report.

Maintenance and repairs

You will receive recommendations and suggestions on preventative maintenance. We are able to recommend trusted trades to assist.

You will be advised on estimates for repair and maintenance services and your permission will always be sought before proceeding with any major expenditure.
However, if repairs are deemed an emergency, they will be acted upon as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to persons or property.

Any maintenance issues or repairs on the property will be closely monitored and any tenant’s concerns will be given prompt attention and action.

Legal requirements

You may rest assured that your property will stay compliant with relevant legislative requirements such as safety for both the property and tenants. You will be kept updated with local, state, and federal legislations concerning tenancy from both your and your tenant’s perspective.

All legal disputes and procedures such as breaches and evictions will be handled for you in accordance with the state law.

End of lease

When a lease is ended, your property will undergo a thorough inspection and evaluation, and a complete report will be provided along with estimates on damages or repairs.

Any and all significant tasks before a new tenant moves in will be undertaken, including cleaning, sanitation and cosmetic improvements.