The question, can I manage my rental property myself, often gets asked and the simple answer is yes, you can.

However, a skilled person often makes a task look easy.

If you have owned any property at all, you will know that it takes consistent management and maintenance to keep it looking good.  Bills need to be paid as well as the maintenance and upkeep of the property.

What if you don’t live in the property? You can still pay the bills and maintain the property but it has just doubled your workload.  While it is feasible to do these things if you can devote a few hours per month and live close by, the reality is sometimes this just isn’t practical.

A property management company – like Vault Property Management – specialise in looking after investment properties.

Property management is all we do.

There are some essential tasks that must legally be done with investment properties.

Here are some of the things Vault Property Management can help you with…

What does a property management company do?

Our focus is achieving long term value and maximising rental returns for you by…

Setting the correct rent.

Whilst you can look at various platforms to see what landlords are charging in your investment area, Vault Property Management do a full rental appraisal and make sure you are maximising your rental return.

Collecting your rent.

Most tenants set up direct debit payments and pay their rent on time however, there are always some that need chasing.  Vault Property Management ensure your rent is collected on time and deal with any arrears according to state legislation.

Marketing your property.

A low vacancy rate is often due to how you market your property.  Our experience means we know where to advertise and how to craft compelling content to fill your vacancy quickly.

Finding the right tenant.

We specialise in property management and know how important it is to find the right tenant.  All applicants are screened and verified before presenting you with our recommendation.

What are the benefits of hiring a property manager?

There are many benefits of hiring a property manager. These include…

Managing your tenant.

Managing a good relationship with your tenant is the most important task we do. This includes doing regular routine inspections, attending to maintenance and emergency repairs and resolving any conflict. This is where Vault Property Management excel.

Managing vendor relationships.

Your investment property will generally need maintenance tradesmen, contractors, utility works.

We can attend to all this on your behalf using our extensive, trusted network and you get a guaranteed job at an affordable price.

Legal compliance

There are many legal compliance and property laws that must be adhered to and every state is different. 

Vault Property Management are able to keep you up to date with all compliance laws.

Maximising your return

All we do is property management.

Our local staff understand how to get you the highest rent to maximise your return on your property.

You can invest in other states

Property markets are different all over Australia. Some are booming while some decline. Vault Property Management have offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Illawarra and the Shoalhaven so you can purchase property in these areas and have one point of contact for all your property management needs.

No Stress

Let Vault Property Management take care of your investment property so you can get on with what you want to do. 

We will manage your property and tenant with respect and honesty.

Using a professional property management company, like Vault Property Management, may cost you a few dollars per week but you get great value in return.
This affordable service allows you to get on with your life while your investment property’s bills are paid, maintenance taken care of and rent put into your bank account.
And…this cost is tax deductible.
So, when asking, “Can I manage my rental property myself”, think about all the cost and time effective benefits of hiring a professional property management company and we’re sure your reply will be…
Yes, but why would you??