Thank you for considering Vault Property Management for your investment property rental.

Our property management services are available in Sydney, Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Please complete our Landlord Application Form and you will be contacted within 24 hours with information regarding current market trends for your property location.

A rental appraisal showcasing similar property rental prices and vacancy rates will be sent to the nominated email address.

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Why Choose Vault Property Management

Vault Property Management are specialist property managers with an experienced team, who are also property investors, that understand what is needed to look after your property.
You get access to our large database of potential tenants when needing a vacancy filled.
Our rental appraisals give you real time data and knowledge of your local market rental conditions.
You will receive practical recommendations on how to best present your property to achieve quality tenants and high yields.
Our high impact rental marketing campaign ensures a low vacancy rate.
Tenants are carefully screened and our assessments include identity verification, reference checks, tenancy database notices, employment confirmation and liability checks including bank statements.
Condition reports are provided when the tenant moves in and regular inspections are done on your property with detailed reports that include photographs.
All local tenancy legislation compliances will be attended to.
Would you like us to pay your utility bills so you don’t need to worry about them?
Let us organise your repairs and maintenance with one of our many trusted, licensed tradespeople.

Our focus is achieving long term value and maximising rental returns for you.

 Please fill out our Landlord application form and find out how Vault can help you.


…Because all we do is property management.