rental guide

Tips on how to get the rental you want

This rental guide will give you tips on how to present yourself and what documentation is needed to be successful with your rental application.
There often can be several people applying for the same rental property. You have a better chance of being successful if you present well and have all your documentation ready.
Here are some tips to help with your application…

Make sure you have the right documentation

This includes…

Cover letter
Having a cover letter with your application explaining who you are, who will be living at the property and why you would make good tenants shows you are organised and have a bit of personality…and probably easy to deal with!
Pay slips
Showing you have a regular, reliable income is vital if you want to rent a property. This is particularly important if you have never rented before.
Rental history
If you have rented before, show your rental history by providing a ledger or provide the agents details that you have rented with. A ledger provides a clear picture that you are able to pay your rent.
Photo ID
You will be required to show photo ID for verification.
Get a rental reference from your previous agent or landlord to show you are responsible and trustworthy. If you have not rented before, see if you can get a personal reference from a credible source.

Apply online using our tenant application form

Vault Property Management accept online applications, please click the Apply button below.

Be on time for open home inspections

Being on time for an appointment is common courtesy. For all of our rental properties, an open home or private appointment will be provided. Make sure you are on time to view the property.

Look presentable at the inspection

You don’t need to look like you’ve just come from the office but look presentable when attending a property inspection. If you look presentable, it gives the impression you are responsible and respectful.

Be pleasant

Manners cost nothing and a “Please” and “Thank you” go a long way. Remember, you may be competing against other people for a property – good impressions count!

Moving in with housemates?

If you are moving in with housemates, make sure they are aware of these tips as well to present a good, unified group.

Follow up

Call us and follow up on any applications or properties you are interested in. This shows us you are keen.

Follow these rental guide tips and good luck with your rental application!