How We Do It

For an overview of what we do, head to our What We Do page but if you are a details person and want to know exactly how we do it, then read on…


Effective marketing of your property is an essential part of finding the right tenant. Vault Property Management focuses on the positive attributes of your property across a range of media to ensure we reach the greatest number of prospective tenants in the shortest possible timeframe, thereby reducing vacancy periods.

Some of the marketing tools we offer are:

  1. Signboards
  2. Regular ‘open for inspection’ dates
  3. Private appointment viewings when required
  4. Emails to our extensive database to notify prospective tenants that a 
new property has become available
  5. Listings on numerous high traffic websites such as:-

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Tenant Selection

Applications are checked thoroughly including via a database called TICA – which is a tenancy database that records tenants who have defaulted on rent in the past. We ask the prospective tenant for pay slips, past references including landlords, bank statements so we can check expenses and current ID.

Condition Report

Prior to the signing of any tenancy agreement a comprehensive ingoing report is carried out prior to a tenant moving in marking the condition of the premises and ingoing photos are taken as evidence.

Regular Inspections

Vault Property Management conduct 3 monthly inspections of your investment property. If the tenant is keeping the property in excellent condition then we will seek your permission to drop them back to a 6 monthly inspection. Obviously this will revert back to a 3 monthly inspection on a change of tenancy or if conditions change. You will receive photos with each inspection report.

Repairs and Maintenance

Looking after your property and ensuring all repairs and maintenance are managed promptly and cost effectively is always our priority. We manage this process from end to end with progress calls made to landlords, tenants and tradesman to ensure our repairs are in hand and that there is no further damage being caused to the property.

Ease of Accounts

Vault Property Management can pay all your accounts associated with the property including council, water and strata rates at no extra cost to you. This is then all included on your end of financial report as expenses.

Rental Increases and Renewals

Vault Property Management will contact you throughout the tenancy letting you know if you need to consider any rental increases and when the lease is coming up for expiry asking if you would consider renewing.

It is very easy to move your investment property over to Vault, it is as simple as a few signatures.

Just call or email us and we take care of the rest. We even inform your current managing agent so you don’t have to.

So if you’re not happy with your current manager, then STOP paying them your hard earned money.

Isn’t it time to change to a team that will look after your best interests and help you get the most out of your property?